Project 2 | Beefbar On The Beach

For the Maltese branch of this international franchise, it was their first time contracting an independent local designer to design and produce their uniforms. Given that the brand, Carla Grima Atelier, caters for the resort market, with a clientele that matches that of Beefbar, it was a fitting choice.


The Concept

An ode to true poolside glamour, merging a romantic fluidity with function.

The mood for this project was influenced by 1970s French Riviera resort-wear; fluid, natural fabrics, with a touch of Moroccan influence, particularly for the menswear. The intention was to bring together all elements of design, from the interior details, to exterior landscape, and portray the same style and emotions through the clothing.

“The design story is one that takes you on a journey of vintage med atmosphere complimenting the interior designer’s representation of the island’s natural surroundings while also adding an ultra chic element influenced by Beefbar’s clientele.”

Research For Colours

The choice of palette was of soft vintage shades contrasted with bolder textures influenced by the interior and its surrounding. Despite being a print-based brand, we stuck with a more neutral look at the client’s request for something more subtle than what they had the previous year. 

Research was put together through the presentation of mood-boards and concept sketches which were later developed into samples to test the flow of colour and fabric in the space. 

Research For Fabrics

As a resort-wear brand that caters for warmer climates, we prioritised the use of natural fibres over synthetic. Linen was the main fabric chosen for this project due to the natural creases  which give off the relaxed and effortless feel we were aiming to achieve, as well as the benefits of the fabric’s breathability. We combined this with a mixed base for the hostess’ dresses which has a similar crinkle finish but with a fluid weight that was more reminiscent of the 70s resort wear that inspired our design concept. 

Look 1 | The Hostesses

Being the first point of contact, it was important for the hostess’ uniform to represent the look and feel of the space. A flowy, almost satin fabric was chosen, designed to cross between a kaftan and a dress; fluid with an opening at the back, but sleeveless so as not to get caught on anything.

Orange bows on the shoulders allowed for adjustability and orange satin binding that opened up as the hostess walks, revealing the flash of colour. A detail inspired by the striking deep orange of the sunsets seen so clearly from Beefbar.

Look 2 and 3 | The Runners and Waiting Staff



Being more on-the-move, comfort was a priority here hence the choice of a natural more breathable fabric such as linen. The trousers were almost like a pyjama cut – loose fitting with an elastic waistband, and the addition of darts for a smarter, more tailored feel. The shirts were short-sleeved with a double-panelled mandarin collar; a detail that we experimented with to give a more oriental touch to an otherwise minimal western design. 

Orange was again used to bring continuity to the different uniforms and the interior and exterior surroundings. The white linen shirts had orange accents and orange cotton piping on the yoke as well as matching shell buttons – small details that elevated the quality and style of the shirt.

A similar concept was used for the waiting staff although in their case the colour of choice was ‘Duck-Egg’ blue with stone-coloured accents. This look was in-keeping with the natural surroundings of the blue sea and limestone rock combination.

Look 4 | The Bar Staff

Here we went with a very minimal cut and design contrasted with softer details and the softness of the fabric. The male look hinted at Middle Eastern style with a v-neck front, while for the women’s top we played with a t-shirt cut, again out of the same blue linen. The fit was loose and draped with a high-low hem. A delicate twist on the sleeve and bow on the back added a feminine touch and elevated the look.  

For both men and women, the tops were paired with linen chinos to complete the look.