‘Ophelia’ Summer 2016





Carla Grima Atelier returns to its roots this season with Ophelia, a summer

collection drenched in Mediterranean sunshine.

A spirited sense of modernity lies at the heart of summer’s story, where flowing

natural fabrics in feminine shapes spin a tale of days spent barefoot by the sea.

Featherweight silks in blocks of vivid colour are an allegory for turquoise waters,

sandy coves, fresh green leaves, and the blush of prickly pear. Elsewhere,

signature prints inspired by crystalline forms echo the glimmer of shoreline

saltpans, and soft brushstroke patterns in rich hues bring a playful sophistication

to swimwear and evening wear alike.

Crafted to take you from sunrise to sunset, Ophelia mirrors the Mediterranean

soul, imbued with vibrant luxury and easy grace.


Carla Grima