Ophelia In Mykonos

Two plane rides over the temperamental Mediterranean and touchdown Mykonos. An island of beautiful contradictions, lazy greek seaside towns buzzing with chic holiday goers.


Walking around the main town known as ‘Chora’ Ophelia gets lost in a maze of narrow cobbled streets flanked by whitewashed postcard like, Greek houses. The streets are flooded with beautiful boutiques and stylish bars. Meandering down these streets with no purposeful direction but rather allowing the Mykonian vibe to lead her astray, Ophelia delighted in discovering the essence of ‘Chora’. A myriad of shops selling Cycladic artefacts, artisan hand crafted pieces of furniture and memorabilia, and plenty of boutiques with tasteful selections of summer wear.


Out of the maze and onto the promenade, boutiques are replaced with funky bars, this is ‘Little Venice’. The place to sip cocktails, watch the sun melt into the Mediterranean and prepare for the town to come alive as night takes over from day. In true Mediterranean style Mykonian afternoons are a delightful blend of beachside café and hip evening bar. This is the environment that Ophelia was made for and wearing Carla Grima Atelier she easily slipped from beach to bar wearing her colourful silks. Ophelia was home.

Carla Grima Atelier is now available in LOCO boutique, Mykonos. LOCO is located on Kalogera Street, just a few steps down from Louis Vuitton and Chanel. If you happen to be visiting Mykonos, please stop by and have a look.


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