Lounging Around

As Summer approaches the longing to be outdoors soaking up the sunshine tugs gently at us, and from the confines of our home, we’re left dreaming of those long-drawn out weekend lunches by the sea and sundown drinks amongst family and friends. 

While we’re all likely to be spending more time indoors this season, or avoiding crowds, that doesn’t mean we can’t bring a little burst of Summer brightness into our homes, with the help of some soft linens and luxurious silks. After all, dressing up is about feeling good, confident and comfortable in your own skin – even if it’s just to dance around your living room, attend a meeting from your home office, or watch the sunset from your rooftop while enjoying an aperitivo for two.

While we adapt to a new normal that requires us to redefine our living space, our routine and rituals, are we also redefining our perception of luxury and our consumer habits? Will we now want more versatility from our clothing; for an outfit to be suitable for both occasion and loungewear? Perhaps this situation will encourage us to be more conscious consumers, where we might still want to treat ourselves with something special that must also be something we can wear again and again. For the conference call of today and the wedding of tomorrow. 

These are the questions we are asking ourselves, working closely with our labs to stay connected with our customers, open to adapting to your changing desires and needs in these uncertain times, and always. So, in the hopes to bridge the gap between designer and customer, we would like to reach out to you, to hear how you feel about fashion and retail these days, what you would like to see for the coming season, and most importantly to share your favourites from our past collections. 

As a gesture and acknowledgement of the current instability and uncertainty, we are greatly reducing our prices for a limited time. We hope to support our labs and all involved, and to make our clothing more accessible to you, adding a little joy and colour to otherwise bleak times. 

From the Studio, we’ll be recreating and sharing our favourite lounge-looks to keep the inspiration flowing, and we hope to hear from you too. What are you staying comfortably chic in, these days? 

Stay safe and bright, and we look forward to seeing you out on the beaches soon enough! 


Carla xx


words Julia Ripard