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To born and bred sun-worshippers, summer is not just about long mornings at the beach and afternoon siestas to stave off the worst of the heat; it is a time when islanders, and those akin to them in spirit, rejoice in life itself. While many people make good use of the early sun by taking the opportunity to top up their tans, cooler summer evenings are for catching up with girlfriends and sharing laughter and mischief and there is nowhere better to do this than at our little island’s newest jewel, Pearl Beach.

With its cool white interior, sea foam green accents, focus on space, and dedication to creating an oasis of exclusivity, one would be forgiven for thinking they had entered a new realm: once you step through the doors of Pearl Beach, you are guaranteed an experience of pure, unabashed luxury where no wish is too small or too big for the staff to grant.



Of course, no Mediterranean afternoon can be properly inaugurated without a light aperitivo and Pearl Beach’s champagne bar makes sure that no one goes thirsty before embarking on the important business of their afternoon swim. Known for their attention to detail and with a focus on giving patrons the ultimate indulgent experience, Pearl Beach’s boutique is stocked with everything one would need for a picture perfect day by the sea and one can find everything from lavish, vibrantly coloured kaftans in fine cottons, silks and chiffons to a beautiful array of handcrafted leather sandals which add the perfect touch to the effortlessly chic look that characterises the perfect summer ensembles: less is definitely more.

Beach Boutique

As any Mediterranean person will tell you, no perfect outing could be complete without food and laughter and you will be guaranteed an abundance of both while watching the sun dip its last burnt orange rays into the crystal clear waters before the night unfolds. This particular time of the day is sacred for islanders everywhere because it is not only an opportunity to unwind, but it is also a moment where one can feel a oneness with everything around him by experiencing nature at its finest hour. There is truly no better and more opulent way to celebrate life.

Sunset Dinner

Words by AnnaMaria Galea

Photography by David Zammit


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