Project 1 | ION – Iniala Harbour House


In the original brief the client requested uniforms for the Hotel’s new fine-dining Mediterranean seafood restaurant. We developed an underwater-inspired theme incorporating style nuances from the interior decor of the restaurant, and the sea-facing views. Given the fact that the establishment was working towards earning a Michelin star – which they later achieved – we chose to maintain a more elegant and formal look with the monochrome colour palette and sleek designs.  


The prints consisted of different sea urchin forms painted in a variety of Prussian Blue shades against a white background. These were printed onto satin in the case of the women’s blouse which formed part of the female look. The blouse was cut in the style of a kimono with a more tailored cuff that sat high up on the arm giving an elegant voluminous curve to the sleeve. At the back, a concealed button stand was designed down the centre seam. To complete the look was a pair of navy blue wrap trousers, designed to close with a sash at the waist making them easily adjustable. We decided on navy blue to be consistent with the theme and to maintain a clean elegant look throughout service.


For the men’s outfit we designed a white cotton shirt with a mandarin collar for a more minimal look. We used the print in places to highlight some details on the shirt such as the sleeve placket, the inside of the collar and the button stand. For the trousers, we continued along the style of minimal and smart, designing custom chinos with an adjustable belt that was attached on the outside with a fixed buckle. Again we incorporated the print in a subtle yet playful way, using it to line the pockets – a detail we also used for the women’s trousers. 

In contrast, the daytime look was more casual with the use of light blue linen combined with a fireworks print, inspired by the sky on a Summer’s night, lit up by fireworks from the facing villages across the harbour over fort st. Angelo. 


The overall design was created to flow harmoniously with the rest of the uniforms from the various other departments in the hotel, while retaining a distinctive design unique to the restaurant. The use of tailored cuts and a monochrome palette together with the playful placing of the custom print, achieved the necessary requirements that the looks were to be functional and practical as is required in any catering establishment, appropriate for the evening yet not uptight, and in keeping with Iniala’s artistic aesthetic.