From the Garden: 3 great breakfast treats

We believe that nature does it better! We prefer cotton to nylon and silk to polyester, your skin can feel the difference – our senses know natural is better, you just have to listen! One morning this week our senses were screaming out with delight as Julia Ripard invited us for a breakfast feast full of goodies from her garden.

We were welcomed with a minty watermelon juice which was followed by Julia’s ‘breakfast bowl’ consisting of homemade milk kefir and freshly roasted gluten free granola with peaches and a drizzle of cinnamon honey.

Some nutritional facts…

Egg and avoWatermelon

The fruit/vegetable is 91% water making it an ideal source of hydration throughout the unbearably hot summer months! (And a great ice-lolly too!)

Eating watermelon alone or before a meal is the best way as it is the fasted food to be digested, and will begin to ferment, releasing harmful gasses, if it’s sitting on top of a full meal in your stomach!

Kefir For Your Gut 

Kefir is a fermented milk product that is one of the most probiotic-rich foods on the planet, so it is not only delicious, but super healthy!

The fermentation process creates the probiotics or ‘good bacteria’ in your gut, which is where 75% of your immune system lives. Essentially, foods such as kefir restore the balance of good bacteria or probiotics in your digestive system that have been offset by the use of antibiotics or antibacterials. 


breakfast bowlJulia’s Favourites:

Kefir and granola breakfast bowl. 

Adding kefir to any smoothie to replace milk or yoghurt (banana, kefir, oats, honey and a spoonful of almond butter!) 

Kefir added to a chilled soup such as raw cucumber soup, for that extra creamy texture and delicious flavor!



At Carla Grima Atelier we want to keep things natural. We believe nature provides us with the best ingredients for our health and even for our pleasure. Whether it is cool watermelon juice refreshing our thirst or natural silk fibers allowing our skin to breath – we recommend you go natural this summer, trust us you will feel the difference!


As July melts into August, go natural to enjoy the Mediterranean summer.

*photography by David Zammit

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