Curating The Home Space

Carla Grima Atelier was always envisioned as a lifestyle brand, offering unique and artistic pieces for both the wardrobe and now the home. The brand focus is not only on clothing, but also on curating the atmosphere within our homes and most lived-in spaces. 









With the pandemic drawing populations indoors, making us more aware than ever of our living spaces, it seemed the perfect time to focus on the home-ware range. We utilize our own dead-stock fabrics to create luxurious loungewear sets, lampshades, cushions and notebooks, and apply our signature prints to our new ceramics collection. 
















The intention is to help uplift our spirits, adding pops of colour to otherwise neutral spaces, creating something special of the ordinary, and breathing new life into our homes in style. 

For the home-range, we worked closely with local suppliers and tradesmen, which allowed us to tailor the scale to our needs, to be more sustainable by upcycling our leftover fabric, and to get involved in all stages of the process. We wanted to create some continuity between our prints on fabric and the painted ceramics, taking from the same palette of colour, but allowing for the unique and abstract way the paint would set across the different materials. For this reason, every edition of ceramics will be limited as no two pieces will come out looking the same.  















The choice to include ceramics to the range was an easy one for the designer, who was brought up in her family’s ceramics factory, where she was taught to paint traditional Mediterranean stencil designs. This process was a nostalgic trip down memory lane, revisiting old techniques applied with her own signature style.

The collaboration with ‘Frank Wrap’ to produce custom-printed beeswax wraps somewhat inspired the ceramics range altogether. The aim was to create beautiful yet practical and long-lasting pieces for everyday kitchen use, to be proudly displayed on our shelves as opposed to being hidden at the back of the container cupboards. 

Mix and match the wraps and bowls, or pick from the same print for a complete set.









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