‘Abloom’ – Summer 2017

Dive into the vibrant hof summer. Escape to the island of your dreams.

This season’s playful collection whisks and whirls you through shimmering days and balmy nights. A kaleidoscope of colours and patterns.
Tone upon tone of rich pink bougainvillea seemingly lifted off hot ochre walls, early prickly pear gleaming green in the sunshine, and fluorescent petals, all glowing with a bright luminosity.
This summer’s story takes us on a journey from the rich reds and ethereal greens of the land to the daytime sun-drenched blues of sea and sky, to deeper hues of dusk and the minty shades of clear emerald waters.
Kaftans gently fall open to reveal sensuous knotted bikinis, silk palazzo pants, colourful embroidery. A diverse choice of luxurious resort-wear, each piece effortlessly complementing another.
Wistful. Weightless. Light fabrics flow and insinuate themselves around the human form, right down to bare feet, effortlessly carrying you to the edge of the sea.


‘Ophelia’ Summer 2016


Carla Grima Atelier returns to its roots this season with Ophelia, a summer

collection drenched in Mediterranean sunshine.

A spirited sense of modernity lies at the heart of summer’s story, where flowing

natural fabrics in feminine shapes spin a tale of days spent barefoot by the sea.

Featherweight silks in blocks of vivid colour are an allegory for turquoise waters,

sandy coves, fresh green leaves and the blush of prickly pear. Elsewhere,

signature prints inspired by crystalline forms echo the glimmer of shoreline

saltpans, and soft brushstroke patterns in rich hues bring a playful sophistication

to swimwear and evening wear alike.

Crafted to take you from sunrise to sunset, Ophelia mirrors the Mediterranean

soul, imbued with vibrant luxury and an easy grace.



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Spring/Summer 2015

‘Serenity’, the S/S 2015 collection by Carla Grima Atelier, gathers elements for a meditation on fluidity, freedom and harmony, balancing featherweight luxury with soft, sun-bleached hues.

Forms flow, cocooning the body in silk, and adorned with abstract patterns drawn from the quiet grace of nature. Leaves drift and water kisses the shore, their paths traced and layered in the creation of signature prints.

With a verdant scent carried on the breeze and the warmth of the setting sun, Serenity takes shape in the golden hazy sunlight of summer, unfurling like the slow bloom of ink in water.


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Autumn/Winter 2014/2015


Carla Grima Atelier’s winter collection is inspired by the fluid movement of colours in melted glass; abstract movements , unrestricted, eventually taking form.

Surreal prints melt onto garments. Captivating hues effuse naturally, blending the line between reality and imagination.

Deep colours take form as fabrics are transformed into organic silhouettes.

Lightweight, woven wool lawn and angora-blend knitted fabrics encapsulate nature’s elegance and help soften Winter’s chill.

Each unique design captures this free sensation: an occurrence, a moment, an elusive essence caught in its Eventuality.






A/W 14-15 G

A/W 14-15 C

Spring/Summer 2014


Carla Grima Atelier’s Summer collection is inspired by the multilayered notes hiding inside every perfect scent.

Exclusive prints bring to life ‘scent and colour’ moments: bird of paradise, warm bronze summertime skin, fresh lemon and wild thyme…a feeling, a memory, a time and place you love.

Each Carla Kaftan features a unique flower palette and the use of layered transparencies creates a flowing wearing experience. Float through the breeze, watch the sun set, golden days.

These are high-quality, lightweight pieces made from natural silks and cottons, that feel free and match individual shape. From beach to sundown, eye catching and elegant; an essential addition to capsule wardrobes for summer 2014.




S/S 14 ES/S 14 B


S/S 14 C


S/S 14 D