‘Abloom’ – Summer 2017

Dive into the vibrant hof summer. Escape to the island of your dreams.

This season’s playful collection whisks and whirls you through shimmering days and balmy nights. A kaleidoscope of colours and patterns.
Tone upon tone of rich pink bougainvillea seemingly lifted off hot ochre walls, early prickly pear gleaming green in the sunshine, and fluorescent petals, all glowing with a bright luminosity.
This summer’s story takes us on a journey from the rich reds and ethereal greens of the land to the daytime sun-drenched blues of sea and sky, to deeper hues of dusk and the minty shades of clear emerald waters.
Kaftans gently fall open to reveal sensuous knotted bikinis, silk palazzo pants, colourful embroidery. A diverse choice of luxurious resort-wear, each piece effortlessly complementing another.
Wistful. Weightless. Light fabrics flow and insinuate themselves around the human form, right down to bare feet, effortlessly carrying you to the edge of the sea.


Lido Life


To born and bred sun-worshippers, summer is not just about long mornings at the beach and afternoon siestas to stave off the worst of the heat; it is a time when islanders, and those akin to them in spirit, rejoice in life itself. While many people make good use of the early sun by taking the opportunity to top up their tans, cooler summer evenings are for catching up with girlfriends and sharing laughter and mischief and there is nowhere better to do this than at our little island’s newest jewel, Pearl Beach.

With its cool white interior, sea foam green accents, focus on space, and dedication to creating an oasis of exclusivity, one would be forgiven for thinking they had entered a new realm: once you step through the doors of Pearl Beach, you are guaranteed an experience of pure, unabashed luxury where no wish is too small or too big for the staff to grant.



Of course, no Mediterranean afternoon can be properly inaugurated without a light aperitivo and Pearl Beach’s champagne bar makes sure that no one goes thirsty before embarking on the important business of their afternoon swim. Known for their attention to detail and with a focus on giving patrons the ultimate indulgent experience, Pearl Beach’s boutique is stocked with everything one would need for a picture perfect day by the sea and one can find everything from lavish, vibrantly coloured kaftans in fine cottons, silks and chiffons to a beautiful array of handcrafted leather sandals which add the perfect touch to the effortlessly chic look that characterises the perfect summer ensembles: less is definitely more.

Beach Boutique

As any Mediterranean person will tell you, no perfect outing could be complete without food and laughter and you will be guaranteed an abundance of both while watching the sun dip its last burnt orange rays into the crystal clear waters before the night unfolds. This particular time of the day is sacred for islanders everywhere because it is not only an opportunity to unwind, but it is also a moment where one can feel a oneness with everything around him by experiencing nature at its finest hour. There is truly no better and more opulent way to celebrate life.

Sunset Dinner

Words by AnnaMaria Galea

Photography by David Zammit


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For the Love of Greece

Summer means one simple thing for many a lustful wanderer which has been bitten by the travel bug: travel (and lots of it). Although many people may fall into the action-packed holiday camp whilst othersmykonos favour a slower pace, there are few destinations that are able to marry the two together to form a decadent, heady mix like the Greek islands.


Renowned for being the cradle of western civilisation and the home of ancient gods and legendary sibyls, nowhere has been able to captivate the mind and imagination of writers, artists, and indeed designers like Greece. It is not merely Greece’s heritage which offers fertile ground for dreaming away your summer days, but the sun drenched land and the various hues of blue found in the surrounding seas, have dictated the design and colours of the picturesque buildings, which are indigenous and unique to this romantically fascinating land.

Allie+stephOne such island which is instantly recognisable by its light blue dome-like roofs is the lazy isle of
Santorini. Unlike some of the bigger islands which dot the Aegean Sea, Santorini has not given in to the ravages of time and cementification; happy travellers can spend their days sauntering about with their gaily coloured kaftans flapping in the gentle breeze whilst enjoying breath-taking views. In this naturally blessed spot, one may enjoy the sunset from multiple sides of the island, but there truly is nothing quite like enjoying a glass of wine or three from the home-grown Santo Wines Winery whilst the sun descends into the sea, then dancing the night away to the live band’s music. The best way to do this, while feeling like a modern day goddess, is by donning your best dancing sandals and a feather light chiffon dress, which will move to the rhythm of your body.


In keeping with its multi-faceted character, travellers looking for a bit of more exuberant fun can also visit Santorini’s bigger, bolder sister Mykonos where parties are a must and don’t end when the sun comes up. While Santorini is known for its leisurely pace, this “island of the winds” is anything but sedate and was able to establish its glamorous reputation thanks to its well-heeled patrons and the sold devotion of silver screen siren Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Kennedy, who revelled in wearing local artisan made sandals and donning white dresses made locally of the purest natural fibres.boutique Indeed, the relentless search for quality is something intrinsic to Mykonos’ reputation and this can be seen in the myriad beautiful shops and boutiques that will make sure that you stand out of the crowd, whether you’re enjoying some wine as the moon lights up the sky and the night’s festivities commence, or getting lost in the maze of narrow cobbled, sun-bleached streets. One fine example of these national treasures is LOCO boutique which can be found on Kalogera Street and stocks everything you’ll need to be paparazzi ready.

Whether you want to simply lap up the sun, be a little more daring, or maybe even mix up both to experience the best of both worlds, make sure you do it in the best island style – it will make your island hopping experience glamorous, vibrant and that little bit more memorable.

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written by Anna Maria Galea aaa


From the Garden: Tomatoes, tomatoes… and more tomatoes

These days, tomatoes are coming out of the garden in bucket-loads! By trying to avoid wasting any of the delicious produce, you’ve got to get creative in the kitchen! So here’s a couple of ways I like to make the most of the harvest when it’s in full swing!

unnamedFirstly I like to make some Sweet Chilli Tomato Jam, which is a great way of using up lots of tomatoes and something that can keep for a while, although it won’t because it’s so tasty and goes with everything! I love having a spoonful with fish cakes or yummy Maltese sausages.

_DSC1621When the heat is on, it’s likely that the tomatoes are already semi-roasted before they’ve been picked! I find that they lose a bit of their sweetness because of this, so my remedy is to roast them in the oven, halved, with a little dressing of olive oil and balsamic vinegar and seasoning of salt, chilli flakes, whole cloves of garlic and any fresh herbs. By frying up a bit of bacon (ideally guanciale) and chopped onion, and adding the tomatoes and squeezed roasted garlic to the mix, you’ve made a deliciously sweet Roast Tomato Sauce. This can be blended and made into a pasta sauce, or used in a Parmigiana di Melanzane, my favourite!


Tomatoes have outstanding antioxidant content and are a brilliant source of Vitamin C and Vitamin K among many others. Did you know? Although we often think that tomatoes are native to the Mediterranean and Southern Europe, they actually originated in South America, but were first cultivated in Mexico. They were brought over to Spain first in the 1500s! Today we produce over 130 million tons per year!




By Julia Ripard

Photography David Zammit mrdavidzammit.com

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From the Garden: 3 great breakfast treats

We believe that nature does it better! We prefer cotton to nylon and silk to polyester, your skin can feel the difference – our senses know natural is better, you just have to listen! One morning this week our senses were screaming out with delight as Julia Ripard invited us for a breakfast feast full of goodies from her garden.

We were welcomed with a minty watermelon juice which was followed by Julia’s ‘breakfast bowl’ consisting of homemade milk kefir and freshly roasted gluten free granola with peaches and a drizzle of cinnamon honey.

Some nutritional facts…

Egg and avoWatermelon

The fruit/vegetable is 91% water making it an ideal source of hydration throughout the unbearably hot summer months! (And a great ice-lolly too!)

Eating watermelon alone or before a meal is the best way as it is the fasted food to be digested, and will begin to ferment, releasing harmful gasses, if it’s sitting on top of a full meal in your stomach!

Kefir For Your Gut 

Kefir is a fermented milk product that is one of the most probiotic-rich foods on the planet, so it is not only delicious, but super healthy!

The fermentation process creates the probiotics or ‘good bacteria’ in your gut, which is where 75% of your immune system lives. Essentially, foods such as kefir restore the balance of good bacteria or probiotics in your digestive system that have been offset by the use of antibiotics or antibacterials. 


breakfast bowlJulia’s Favourites:

Kefir and granola breakfast bowl. 

Adding kefir to any smoothie to replace milk or yoghurt (banana, kefir, oats, honey and a spoonful of almond butter!) 

Kefir added to a chilled soup such as raw cucumber soup, for that extra creamy texture and delicious flavor!



At Carla Grima Atelier we want to keep things natural. We believe nature provides us with the best ingredients for our health and even for our pleasure. Whether it is cool watermelon juice refreshing our thirst or natural silk fibers allowing our skin to breath – we recommend you go natural this summer, trust us you will feel the difference!


As July melts into August, go natural to enjoy the Mediterranean summer.

*photography by David Zammit

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Summer by the Sea

What would a Mediterranean summer be, without spending some time splashing about in the sea? Carla Grima Atelier is about island life and island life always has a good dose of sun, sand and sea! For this month’s summer fix we went for a sunrise stand up paddleboard (SUP) session down at White Rocks, Bahar ic-Caghaq.

The early morning sun coloured the sea in a soothing warm orange as we enjoyed paddling on a fresh Mediterranean sea. There is a special beauty that appears in the shallows as the blue sea meets the white Maltese rocks and showers the underwater coastline in an array of bluey green colour.

Girls SUP

We like colour and we like nature; we love summer! Also, we just so happen to make clothes inspired and designed for the Med. If you like these things too, you will love our seaside top picks.

Chloe DressMaya Bikini a

 Tara DressLucy Kaftan

*SUP Photographs by David Zammit

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Superyacht Style

As Southern Europe is getting ready to go on holiday, here are some tips for those of you planning on spending some time yachting in the Med.


Pack lots of colourful swimwear – you will spend most of your time lounging around the boat, going from tanning to swimming and back to tanning. This will be your most used item so we suggest you choose wisely and pick something that you can dress up or down, you want to be looking good in your swimwear if you will be practically living in it!

Maya Bikini _a Maya Bikini b Ella Swimsuit b Ella Swimsuit a







No shoes allowed on deck! It’s liberating allowing your feet out into the real world but think wisely about the shoes you bring. Something elegant for those evenings ashore but simple and easy for jumping to and fro between yacht and tender. Our top pick this season are Sofia Capri’s Via Cesina Sandals

Sofia3 Sofia2 Sofia1





Sun sun sun, there is no escaping it! Whilst this will be a welcome change from the city, your eyes will be begging for some shade. A chic pair of sunglasses with good lenses is a must. Our personal favourites are The Vivien Ivory Demi
komono2 komono3 komono1





Good yacht style is about versatility, you want something that looks relaxed and simple for lounging on the deck but fun and chic for long lunches at those stylish Mediterranean beach clubs. The CGA Lola Kaftan in pure silk chiffon looks casual when worn over swimwear but elegant and graceful when dressed up, it’s a must have.

Lola Kaftan    Lola Kaftan Lola Kaftan






Last but not least, choose a good book. You’re on yacht, peacefully disconnected – it’s probably the only chance you’ll have all year.

July Newsletter

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Beach Vibes – Carla Grima Atelier @ Pearl Beach


Summer is a time for relaxed outdoor lunches, cocktails by the pool and dancing at night. At Carla Grima Atelier we love summer. We love it so much our mission is to make beautiful clothing that will help anyone and everyone enjoy summer that much more. This year, we decided to celebrate summer by stocking our items at the Pearl Beach.

We love the vibe at Pearl Beach, the place is beautiful, the food is great, the cocktails are delicious and the music fits perfectly. This is a great place to enjoy all the things we love about summer, from relaxing by the pool to sipping champagne at night.

Add a little bit of Carla Grima Atelier to Pearl Beach and it’s bound to be a fun and colourful summer.



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Ophelia In Mykonos

Two plane rides over the temperamental Mediterranean and touchdown Mykonos. An island of beautiful contradictions, lazy greek seaside towns buzzing with chic holiday goers.


Walking around the main town known as ‘Chora’ Ophelia gets lost in a maze of narrow cobbled streets flanked by whitewashed postcard like, Greek houses. The streets are flooded with beautiful boutiques and stylish bars. Meandering down these streets with no purposeful direction but rather allowing the Mykonian vibe to lead her astray, Ophelia delighted in discovering the essence of ‘Chora’. A myriad of shops selling Cycladic artefacts, artisan hand crafted pieces of furniture and memorabilia, and plenty of boutiques with tasteful selections of summer wear.


Out of the maze and onto the promenade, boutiques are replaced with funky bars, this is ‘Little Venice’. The place to sip cocktails, watch the sun melt into the Mediterranean and prepare for the town to come alive as night takes over from day. In true Mediterranean style Mykonian afternoons are a delightful blend of beachside café and hip evening bar. This is the environment that Ophelia was made for and wearing Carla Grima Atelier she easily slipped from beach to bar wearing her colourful silks. Ophelia was home.

Carla Grima Atelier is now available in LOCO boutique, Mykonos. LOCO is located on Kalogera Street, just a few steps down from Louis Vuitton and Chanel. If you happen to be visiting Mykonos, please stop by and have a look.


Facebook : LOCO 

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‘Ophelia’ Summer 2016


Carla Grima Atelier returns to its roots this season with Ophelia, a summer

collection drenched in Mediterranean sunshine.

A spirited sense of modernity lies at the heart of summer’s story, where flowing

natural fabrics in feminine shapes spin a tale of days spent barefoot by the sea.

Featherweight silks in blocks of vivid colour are an allegory for turquoise waters,

sandy coves, fresh green leaves and the blush of prickly pear. Elsewhere,

signature prints inspired by crystalline forms echo the glimmer of shoreline

saltpans, and soft brushstroke patterns in rich hues bring a playful sophistication

to swimwear and evening wear alike.

Crafted to take you from sunrise to sunset, Ophelia mirrors the Mediterranean

soul, imbued with vibrant luxury and an easy grace.



resize7resize4 resize5   resize8resize6

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